How to Increase Concentration Power?

improve concentration power

Concentration and hard work is the key to success in life. Success or any goal cannot be achieved overnight; practice, preparation, persistence and hard work are definitely important factors. But to work on all these factors you must be focused. To achieve any goal in life there it is important to work hard with concentration towards your goal. You might have or not those abilities to achieve your target still, you can reach your goal by practice & persistence with concentration. There are so many examples where people made a mark after fighting difficulties and that is only possible with concentration. If you are finding difficulty in concentrating on what you do or to achieve your goal and looking out the ways ‘How to increase concentration power’ then this article will help you to increase your concentration power.

Reasons of Distraction:

The kids often get distracted if their assignments or homework does not include fun. Most kids even do not finish their food in one go. They look out to make excuses for not doing their work to complete food. Another factor is that growing kids observe their surroundings, they move further and start doing something new without finishing their homework or food. Most parents look out the ways to increase concentration power for kids.

In growing children like teenagers and young students, hormonal changes often are one of the major factors of distraction. Unnecessarily usages of electronic gadgets like mobile phone, television, computer, laptop, and tablet also distract students. However, these gadgets are more often used by Schools and Institutions to make study more engaging. So in such cases it is quite difficult to restrict and keep away from gadgets. To increase concentration power for students and growing kids it is important to spend long hours of day away from gadgets.

How to improve concentration power

Before we discuss steps on how to increase concentration power, we need to think about what distracts us and what are the reasons behind it? Whether it’s an 8 yr old kid, a teenager, a young student, working professional or anyone, we all get distracted and find difficulties to concentrate. The reasons for distraction vary according to age group, working people and nature.

Another reason for distraction is pressure by parents and society from the path of your expertise. You might be thinking what I am talking; in another way I am saying Competition makes you less concentrate. Yes, you read right. It may be possible you are working hard but you are unable to concentrate and the result will be not fruitful. So, find work of your interest and start working on it. This article will help you to increase concentration power for work.

Social media may also be a reason for all age groups for distraction. Nowadays life on social media influences people to show what they don’t have, to pretend happy and desire to become overnight famous. Unhealthy life cycle, aging, lack of good sleep, under confidence, lack of knowledge, head injuries, fear of failure are some of the reasons for losing concentration.

How to increase concentration power?

If you are reading this article and finding any reason out of above mentioned reasons for lack of your concentration. Then this research packed article may provide you tips to increase your concentration. I am sharing 7 tips to increase your concentration power.

Feel free to share your experience, feedback and your way of how to increase concentration power.

Start with Small Steps

As I mentioned Success or any goal and deadline in life cannot be achieved overnight, even morning sun shines after 12 hours long night. Start taking small steps by setting small goals in everyday life for example like starting with morning rituals. Most people start their day in the morning , part of those work at night and sleep in daytime. For example if you are finding it difficult to wake up before sun or early morning set your goal every day if you wake up at 9 every morning then set your goal to waking up 10 minutes earlier and also set a deadline for yourself to accomplish it within 10 days. Setting small goals and achieving improved concentration power.

Exercise Everyday

It is always said a healthy body has a healthy mind. So start with a 10 minutes walk, running, cycling, yoga, meditation or dance; add any of these physical activities to increase your concentration. Whenever you do any physical activity it charges your muscles and veins.

 I remember in my school days when everyday PT teachers used to take small sessions of exercise and on Saturday we had one period for yoga. It was a refreshing way to start your day and I felt more focused than days I won’t exercise. I understand not all of us can be fitness freaks, but this is our body. Every individual should take responsibility to take care of their own, as I said, start with small steps.

Start Keeping Notes

 Start writing your everyday activity, plan for the next day, after accomplishing one goal write your new goal, what is your strategy and how will you achieve it step by step. Writing and reading everyday increase concentration. When you write, your mind repeats the words and instructs to follow and when you read it your mind reminds you to take action. Don’t think about what your profile is, what you do, start keeping notes. You might be a student, a salesman or a sportsperson and start keeping a record.

Brain Game

Playing mind games like Jigsaw Puzzles, Chess, Sudoku, Crossword Puzzles, Word Search and Scramble helps to increase concentration. These mind games push you to think out of your comfort zone, you do calculation, addition and allow you to find new ways of solution.

Add Healthy Food in Your Life Style

 Why is eating healthy food important? Have you ever realized after eating foods which contain a rich amount of oil, spices, cream, cheese slowly turned you into a slow person. You might or might not look fat but most of the time you feel lazy, sleepy, get tired easily, and sometimes your mood swings and that leads to lack of concentration; if any of these options start by taking a 1 week challenge to change food habits. Add more green veggies; avoid junk food, extreme oily and spicy food. Once you start taking good food you feel healthy and happy.

 Breaks In Between your Work

To improve concentration on your work takes a break in between your work. Every 90 minutes take 10 minutes of break to relax, stretch your body, it will increase your energy and you will be more focused on your work. If you have a desk job working on a computer, close your eyes often for 2 minutes in between 20 minutes break to relax and improve concentration.

Take Complete Sleep

 It is widely said for adults it is important to take 7-8 hour sleep in one go. A good sleep increases concentration and memory too. Failing regularly to take good sleep at night can cause mood swing and distraction from work. To get a good sleep follow some tips:

  1. An hour before sleeping put away your electronic gadgets like television, mobile phone, laptop and tablet
  2. Assure that your bed must be knit and clean.
  3. Before going to wash your hands and feet.
  4. To get rid of sleepiness, do some stretching but avoid harsh workout.
  5. Mild music may help you to heal your mind and soul.

 These 7 tips to increase your concentration power will be helpful for students, for work and for family people. Last but least practice, persistence is the key to increase concentration power.