Islam beliefs and Practices

Islam belief and practices

To know Islam Beliefs and Practices we should know Arabic history, the final revelation of God considered the Quran in its original
Allah means God of Muslims and Islam belongs to Kuran. In Arabic Islam means surrender, peace, commitment, and Submission. Muslim beliefs are Kuran.  A Muslim always consider the Quran in its Arabic original and the final revelation of Mohammad.

Islam Beliefs and Practices

The Muhammad was born in Macca. Before shepherd, he was a merchant and not happy with the people around him because they are superstitious and economically and socially do injustice.

Islam Religion History

The Sunnis and The Shiyas. There are two groups in Muslims. The percentage of Sunnis around 80% and Shias around 20% of the world’s Muslims. There is a dispute on the same basic beliefs and disagree with the rightful leader of Islam after Muhammad. Islam beliefs and practices are the same for both groups.

5 pillars of Islam

Five pillars of Islam and Islamic people are beliefs on this.

  • Shahadah(declaration of faith)—Muslims believe that Allah is the only god. In the world, only Muhammad is a messenger.
  • Salat(ritual prayer)—when one Hindu do fasting then they do prayers in the morning and evening in front of the god but in Islam, the five-time prayers have to performed in a day. The language of prayer should be Arabic and the time of prayer face direction always in the directions of mecca
  • Zakah(alms tax) –Giving 2.5% of one’s wealth to the poor and needy.
  • Sawm(fasting)—Muslims Roja play a very important role in Roza. Like Hindu do fasting but Muslims do Roza. Both look like the same but are practically totally opposite to each other.
  • Hajj(pilgrimage): Muslims believe in making a pilgrimage to Mecca to the Ka’bah at least once in their lifetime.

Every Muslim around the world first wish to go to haj before they will die

Islamic dream interpretation

Islamic dream interpretation- Dreams are always dreamed but somehow there is some meaning behind every dream. In Islamic dream interpretation if anybody sees Haj that means something happening with that one on a major level in a good sign. In the coming days he will be going to Hajj or religious places related to Haj or Dargah.

 Islam Facts

The Muslims people faiths on Allah the simply an Arabic word for Khuda. The Word Allah is sometimes preferred over God. Neither masculine nor feminine.

There is no plural for Allah.


The day 27th May 2019 in Islamic Calender -22nd Ramadan 2019 (1440). The Islamic calendar provides you the lunar timetable of the Islamic month.You can also read another Spiritual post