Best Digital Marketing Strategy

digital marketing strategy

Today we are going to learn the best digital marketing strategy. Before knowing the strategy we must understand the meaning of these two words that is “Digital & Marketing”. When you understand the ground of these two words, we are easily able to consider the grass level of this term. Let see which device is digital: Music system, Feature phone, Laptop, CRT TV we have some examples of devices we have to find out which is digital and which one is not a digital device. On the above mentioned device, the laptop is digital. The logic behind is where software and hardware both work together; that device is known as digital. Again the next question will arise in your mind that why we told the digital device where software is existing. So answer for your question is that all software is made by a binary number that is 0 & 1 and this both number is called digit and al  is suffix it means its relating with something it means here in a digital word -al is relating with software that is why its called Digital Now, what is marketing it is all about techniques and strategy to get success in your business and job. For example, in any company when any product is going to be lunch in the market then first it goes to the marketing team, they make all strategy that how the sales team will introduce this product in front of buyers. So this is the best digital marketing definition for its two words.

examples to understand Digital marketing:

When we are using digital devices to access the internet and run our business or earn money on the internet by using any search engine, Social media, YouTube, Email, mobile Apps and any medium on the internet that is known as digital marketing. We can also become bloggers and earn handsome money from AdSense. In Digital marketing there are a lot of options to earn money. We can run our e-commerce business, we can work for any profile of digital marketing such as SEO, SMO, AdWords, Content Writer, Analytics and so many other profiles which assist digital world companies. This is the best place for educated youth to set their life goal and achieve it. We all are already using digital services and we are being utilized by them. For example: according to a survey of India agencies everyone in India gives 3 hours every day on Facebook but in three hours we are losing our time and we are not getting a single coin from Facebook we are only doing fun and chatting with friends. But after learning all modules of digital marketing we can start earning from Facebook by affiliate marketing and by paid promotion.   Thanks for reading my Post on the best digital marketing strategy I write here The basic difference between digital & marketing and the examples of digital marketing. In the next post, I will write why we chose digital marketing. Share your opinion on this post by writing an email on