Top 5 Link Building Mistake

link building mistake

Link Building in SEO is a concept to get top of SERP and become a famous webpage or URL in  a webmaster’s mind. Although, it is still one of the best methods of increasing the chance to rank well in search pages, it can also get you penalized if the strategy is wrong.  Do not try to build backlink in bulk It is better to build a link on those web pages which has similar or related visitor as well as quality links while build backlink must avoiding the top 5 link building mistakes

#1 Mistake: Check for “No Follow” Attribute

The major difference between No Follow and Do Follow link are No-follow link drag visitor to our site this link does not has contribution in ranking. Where Do-follow link has direct contribution for ranking factor. Visitor could not deficient both link but using a rel=”nofollow” means to let Google not consider or the page rank to the target URL. So, practically it is of no use for the Search Engine – Google. Therefore, you have to check the links from time to time if your link is still there or not! It is better to remove them promptly when you find it on your website. Must consternate to build Do follow rather of no follow links.

#2 Mistakes: Quality Links but No or Meaningless Anchor Text

 #3 Mistake: Avoiding Alt Text

You are getting a good backlink from a high PR site; it is worth looking at the anchor text as well. An anchor text is an important part, it tells about the page or the website. But, if the anchor text instead of having keywords has text like – Click here, Click Now, Follow Us, Call us, etc. then it is of no use! In addition, the second part is that the same or exact match anchor text also needs to be checked. Be friendly and use some tools which help to use anchor text like: Search console, keyword tool (keyword planner) anchor text analyzer tool. The final advice is to take maximum use of the anchor text having diversity (meaningful content) to prevent your site from a Penguin Penalty.

alt text

If you are not using any anchor text in the page or post, you are using image as main content so do not forget to use image alt text. Web crawlers do not understand images so the alt text that is an alternative form of text-based information which describes the image is what about. Informative and related images help the audience as organic traffic to visit the website, so in case of possibility use the alt text link. With no image links, is cause of getting low ranks!

 #4 Mistake: Getting Irrelevant Links

 More than numbers, relevancy matters in backlinks. Avoid getting more backlinks from high PR websites which are not relevant to your site instead of getting some links from relevant websites. So, what will be the result? Maybe it will give you rank for a short time but later You will be penalized by the search engine. If you are going out of your business –line for ranking purposes you have to pay more.

#5 Mistake: Getting backlinks from page with many outgoing links:

Avoid making a backlink from those websites which provide backlink to more websites. This type of website will not be going to give you link juice to you. Therefore, getting a backlink from such websites is not a good search engine optimization which rank your webpage. Do not link on poor sites.

With continuous Google Algorithm updates like Panda (3.4) and others, buying and selling concepts does not work for too long. In addition, Google algorithm checks with what velocity you have made the backlinks. The search engines crawler are intelligent to identify that they are being manipulated or not. Hence, instead of spending a good amount over buying/selling links try to provide a good user-interface and quality content and satisfactory content. Be natural to avoid link building mistakes – increase your readership by engaging content and naturally get backlinks!