How Spirituality Differ From Religion?

spirituality definition true meaning

To the structure of spirituality definition the true inner meaning the question is first of all: what is it? Is it New Age, is it religious, is it self-realization without compassion?

Spirituality is not about a belief, not a thought and not an idea. It is a reality, the true definition of spirituality  is nothing but an understanding of truth, the extent to which our awareness and knowledge increase.

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Now we understand it by our practical life incident, when the small things disappear automatically, you don’t have to let go of your own. For instance, if someone is offering you a brand new bike in replacement of your old bicycle then obviously you will take it. If someone is offering a car in replacement of that bike, again you will prefer a car. And, if someone is offering a jet plane, just imagine, definitely, you love to take that. So, the essence is whenever you get higher of yourself, the lower of yourself will miss out on its own.

“We live in illusion and the appearance of things. There is a reality, yes its spirituality, and we are that reality.”

Spirituality and Religion

Most of the people connect spirituality with religion but the true meaning is quite different from each other. As we understand the exact meaning of spirituality, being aware with truth and getting aware with truth is not an easy task so in ancient times there were fewer people who were scholars and they have written us all scripture. To guide other people about the reality they connected all good things with God so other people must follow those things but their motive was to keep people away from bad things.

spirituality and religion

It is being misinterpreted by some people that spirituality means religious talk but it is completely wrong the true meaning is to know truth and reality.

Simple, Spirituality definition the true inner meaning is self-inquiry. It is the best “Good Karma” of the world because it is taking you inside and all other “Karma’s” taking you outside. Those who have questions in their mind that “who I am, from where I have come and where I have to go”. Believe me, till the time you have these questions, you are doing good and the day you stop thinking about this, you are on the wrong track, “the bad karma”. So, always and always hold this.

Spirituality and Meditation

If you want to know the meaning of Spirituality in Hindi, please translate this article into Hindi. Spirituality definition the true inner meaning is self-control means by doing the things from which we are increasing our controlling power. Spirituality is to control our eleven, yes, of course, it’s “11 Jnyanendriy” (senses). The 5 Jnyanendriy, 5 Karmendriy, and the Dashendriy-Mind. Apart from this “Eleven”, no concept ever exists. For example, if a person says that he has learned how to swim but out of water???. Yes, you can laugh. The reality comes out when he is actually doing an act of swimming inside the water.

Whenever our senses dominate us, it is the role of our will-power that comes out for controlling these senses. It is an actual Spirituality definition the true inner meaning, the state when you don’t have to control the 10 senses. Perhaps it is already in controlling position means if “you want to do, you do and if you don’t want to do, you don’t do”. At last here comes the 11th Jnyanendriy-the most powerful of all “our mind (spirituality)”. And this “Mind” is nothing but the entire “Ramayana & Mahabharat”, where all our life’s war is going on and our body is “Kurukshetra”. When we learn to conquer this war, that is our mind, it is called practice, “the practice of Spirituality”.

“Spirituality definition the true inner meaning is energy that stays above our mind, our body, our beliefs. Ultimately, it brings change, the awareness