Internet of things journal

To understand IOT(internet of things) we put a concept on the internet of things journal IEEE first we have to examine the internet and its interaction on the web. Interconnection of several devices on the same platform to regulate with thousands of computing devices. IOT contains deeply embedded sets of instruction of the program.

IOT concept

The definition of the internet of things has emerged superior in this digital global world. Here we write an Internet of things journal to make you understand that humans totally depend on various automatic technical machines. We know that human brains are dynamic in nature. For fulfillment of desire, they take the automatic machine to complete their task.

This digital world is controlled by the internet with various machine learning, commodity sensors, embedded system, wireless sensors, wireless network, control system, an automaton of building, etc.


Humans’ brains are directly depending on data. Data has taken as a position of fuel in our electronic devices. Automation of several devices with the help of data gives a fast result. Today we are very fast with our work.

IT (INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY) Industry grew up very fast as lightning speed. Embedded tools and devices are connected with hardware and software to enhance our communication. IOT became part and parcel of our heart because we can not even leave our smartphone for a moment. E-business, digital marketing, e-entertainment, smart television, smart city are all based on the principal of IOT.

Internet of things journal IEEE

How IOT works

The key drivers of IOT are only data. The widespread of the connected device to make them more efficient and easy. Government is responsible to regulate any project and program with the help of the internet .today any information we get easily through social media .For our farmers we have a various online portal that can help to provide subsidy and HYV seeds to grow the surplus amount of crops.

We have systematic and automated traffic signals and cars are connected with each other. IOT creates direct connectivity between people and government .Any facilities which are given by the government can easily be accessible with the poor people.

Anything that can measure can be improved so the government has a good way to regulate their country. we can see that the present government is bringing transparency by adding a pan card with Aadhar and bank account.

This is a new era where we can see an advance way to provide specially privileged for economically weaker we can say that IOT plays a vital role in providing a standard and upgraded life in digital form. This will bring a great change in the future.

In next  we right the complete scope of Internet of things journal to explore your idea more on IOT